Our offer


We have concern for the natural environment and our operational park consists of machines that do not emit detrimental substances.

3D laser cutting

3 kW fiber laser source
Range of services:

  • machining of profiles ∅12-250 mm
  • rod weight up to 40 kg / m
  • loading length 6.5 m
  • unloading length 4.5 m



2D laser cutting

Laser cutting machine TRUMATIC L4030 (TRIUMPF).
Resonator power 4kW.
Working area 4000x2000mm.

Laser cutting machine TRUMATIC L3030 (TRIUMPF).
Resonator power 4kW.
Working area 3000x1500mm.


  • cutting precision 0,1mm, repeatability 0,05mm,
  • Quick pick up of small elements with conveyor belt,
  • Oil mist spraying on the metal sheet,
  • cut optimization using professional software 2D



Numerical bending

Hydraulic press brake TRUMABEND S300 (EHT/TRUMPF)
Pressing force 300 ton.
Working length 4000mm.

Hydraulic press brake TRUMABEND 5130 (TRUMPF)
Pressing force 130 ton.
Working length 3230mm.


  • the widest spectrum of products in its class,
  • the highest precision,
  • large axis dynamics,
  • precise angles from first element,
  • intuitive programming and steering



Welding and brazing


Welding with a welding robot.
Working area 4x2x2 meters

Manual welding methods
Experienced and certified welders according to EN ISO 9606-1: 2014-02




Powder coating

Two-station pass-through cabin, upper transportation system and large size stove of measurments: 2000 x 2300 x 5000 (width x height x depth).


Powder coating parameters:

  • stove inner dimensions 2000 x 2300 x 5000 (width x height x depth)
  • stove inner dimensions 1600 x 200 x 7300 (width x height x depth)
  • modern two-station pass-through cabin, dimensions: 3300 x 2000 x 1600 (width x height x depth), inside width and height of the door:1600 x 2000
  • pressure washing pass-through station,working dimensions:1800 x 2000 x7500 (width x height x depth)
  • upper transportation system




Metal treatment – other services

Trimming grinder machine COSTA MD4 (COSTA Levigatrici)

  • working width 1150mm,
  • ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

Beveller for metal sheets PAM 2 (GERIMA)

  • aluminium, steel, stainless steel,
  • cutting angle 10° to 80°,
  • cutting width 20mm